The exhibition evolved out of a discussion process with the other exhibitions participants (including Pauhof,, Schie 2.0, nextEnterprise, con, and Wolfgang Tschapeller.), theorists and critics (including Sanford Kwinter, Michael Mönninger, Marc Ries, and Oliver Schürer).

The intention is to address the problems of the architectural exhibit. How can you show something when the subject matter is somebody's house or office and it's somewhere else?. Can the documentation of a building somewhere else communicate directly enough? Is a photograph or model a visceral enough experience for the viewer?

The Pink Church is a temporary architectural element and infrastructural programme as a means of extending the experience of the architectural exhibition. The piece is an exploration of a combination of iconographies, programmes and codings: the shape of a church, the colour of a cake, the size of a hut, the facilities of a gymnasium.

The Pink Church was sited awkwardly in the entrance lobby of the Secession, fluctuating between an obstruction, a room inside a room, a landscape, and a facility.