Harper Road

This design for a 100 unit residential scheme in the Elephant and Castle is predicated around the principle that every flat has access to high quality outdoor space. Each apartment is arranged to open onto a generously sized balcony/terrace which acts effectively as a 'front garden'. All the major rooms - living room/dining room and bedrooms - have direct access onto this space, which can act as a balcony, a dining terrace, a winter garden and as an extension to the living room.

The terraces are given privacy by the inclusion of a decorative screen which also acts as a trellis/handrail. The trellis is formed from hard-wearing Trespa boards lazer-cut to form subtle patterns across the surface of the building.

The apartments are organised around a naturally surveyed central communal garden. The scheme consists of one, two and three bedroom flats as well as houses and live/work units.