FATs design for the Rotterdam Photo Bienale integrated a diverse range of work from large scale photographs, to video, interactive and installation based work within two sites - an empty warehouse and the gallery spaces of the Netherlands Foto Museum.

The concept for the exhibition design is located somewhere between a trade show and an allotment garden. Each artwork is displayed in its own singular unit which are arranged around a communal central areas. The units create their own specific atmosphere and environment in response to the work that is shown. The units take on various characteristics which include ‘white cube’ gallery spaces, office spaces, and cool loft interiors amongst others.

The exhibition uses space and the dullness of basic construction as a way to create gaps between each work. This lack of design is not abstract in the way a white cube gallery is abstract, but rather it is an unfinished construction, which, like an unfinished sentence whose sentiment in not yet fully formed. This lack of completeness leaves the space within the exhibition for the artists work to make diverse statements and experiences.

The concept draws on ways in which architecture creates experiences while leaving the edges raw and in full view as an open ended narrative