Grote Koppel







This building, commissioned by a local developer to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the founding of the city of Amersfoort, sits on an important site adjacent to the Koppel poort (an ancient gateway) in the medieval walls of the old city and fronts onto the River Eem.

FAT were required to create an extraordinary architectural object which would relate to both the old city and to the mostly 19th Century warehouses along the riverfront. The exterior of the building is constructed using pre-cast concrete panels. It address both the infrastructural view and from passing trains on the eastern flank of the building through its graphic and colour while the intricate detail of the facade also addresses the riverside.

Internally, the building is a restaurant and has a grand ceremonial quality created by the theatrically designed staircases and the complex inter-relationship between the central atrium and the balconies/viewing points which overlook it