Liverpool Pavilion



Liverpool_ 023_600.jpg





FAT won a competition to design this two storey building as part of the Liverpool 1 masterplan in Liverpool city centre. It is located in the former Church Yard arcade.

The design introduces an intriguing and delightful new building into the covered arcade, using references that include ornamental and decorative street furniture as well as the tiled and patterned facades of the Victorian buildings of Liverpool. Our approach has been to design a building within a building, distinct from its surroundings and acting as a gateway or landmark to the new development.

The facade is expressed as a decorative tiled screen and the series of facets along it alter the buildings interior spaces and provide niches for seating and views into Church Yard from the first floor cafe and ground floor retail units. Shop fronts are as large as possible and all windows are tall and vertical in aspect. The terrace cafe area animates the arcade, connecting it to the street life of Liverpool beyond.