Designed for a joint venture client comprising BioRegional and Quintain, our brief was to deliver a highly sustainable, landmark housing project exceeding Eco Homes ‘Excellent’.

Known as ‘Community In A Cube’, the 82 unit scheme develops its narrative from the brief and aspirations of the client to provide a mix of unit types and occupiers within a volume prescribed by the existing masterplan.

The necessity of slicing up and excavating this volume creates courtyards, shared amenities, garden space and helped derive the character of the building where different housing typologies are juxtaposed.
Flats are well planned with 2.7m floor to ceiling heights, large windows giving light and taking advantage of views over the water. They are accessed by a single core and a circulation strategy that achieves 82% net to gross.

The building addresses its surrounding public space though specific characterful elements that help form streetscape, while the higher levels of the building address the city. Meanwhile its interior court develops its own character.

Materially, the building uses a pallet of tougher brick to its exterior, responding to the industrial landscape of the old docks. Its interior court is lined with a softer, warmer timber to which decorative motifs and planting are used to add to its character. Planting is irrigated by recycled rainwater.

Circulation links the shared garden space with the public square though planted terracing, encouraging a strong yet defined link between public, semi public and private space. The ground floor integrates commercial units, a community centre and a pub.